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  • Fishino Mega with ATmega2560

Fishino MEGA is the second board of Fishino family.
It’s a board 100% compatible with the famous Arduino MEGA, but with many add-ons which greatly enhance its capabilities.
An important detail of Fishino MEGA is the ability to be powered by a single cell LiPo battery, which gets automatically charged when another supply is available.


Technical features​


100% compatible with Arduino Mega:
Fishino MEGA is based on the Arduino platform, keeping unaltered all the features and adding new ones. This ensures that all shields and Arduino libraries will work unaltered with Fishino MEGA.
Possibility of Rechargeable battery power:
Fishino MEGA is equipped with an additional power supply system LiPo battery and the charger. It can then be used for portable equipment in complete autonomy.
Integrated WiFi module:
Fishino MEGA is equipped with a WiFi module with exceptional performance, whose software has been specially modified by us. With Fishino you can then connect to an existing WiFi network or create a new one.
Interface for integrated microSD card:
The ability to use a common microSD memory card enables Fishino MEGA handle huge amounts of data, making small web servers and handheld data loggers.
Integrated RTC:
The integration of an RTC (Real Time Clock, real-time clock) with backup through a small lithium battery allows Fishino MEGA to keep the correct time even in case of power failure.
Power supply section to 3.3V enhanced:
A careful choice of components has allowed the enhancement of the power supply section to 3.3 volt, with the consequent possibility of connecting a greater number of shields and extensions operating at this voltage.
Compatibility with breadboards and perf boards:
The addition of an offset connector in parallel to the original allows the use of Fishino MEGA on breadboards and to use the cards breadboard for prototyping of the shields, still maintaining compatibility with existing shields.
Dimensions (mm): 101,11x53,53x15
Weight: 37 grams (battery included)


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Fishino Mega with ATmega2560

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The product is currently Out-of-Stock. Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available.