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  • Wireless module XTR-WiFi at 2.4 GHz

Aurel XTR-WiFi interface manages a Wi-Fi TCP/IP connection, with no need for complex stack operations by the user after an initial configuration. It automatically connects to a WiFi infrastructure (Access Point) with its own IP address, providing the native serial protocol (encapsulated in a TCP/IP packet) for remote application usage. XTR-WiFi  incorporates  in  a  single  interface  all  the  functions  normally  required  for  a  CPU  host:  TCP/IP stack,  Wi-Fi  client/server  configuration, DHCP  or static  IP  address  assignment,  network  MAC  address assignment. Power supply: 2,7 – 3,6 Vdc.

  • WiFi Security: WEP, WPA, WPA2 supported;
  • DHCP client: module’s IP set by DHCP server or static configuration;
  • DNS client: IP address retrieving from symbolic name by DNS server;
  • PING: Connectivity test towards other network nodes (ICMP protocol);
  • SCAN: Specific command provided to scan for available Access Points;
  • Smart ConfigTM: Texas Instruments tool to configure modules via smart devices avoiding user commands;
  • TCP  Server  Mode: Default  configuration to  listen  for  incoming  connection ,  UART  local notifications, transparent data transfer modality;
  • TCP Client Mode: Remote server connection, transparent data transfer modality;
  • mDNS Advertiser: Periodic multicast DNS packet for specific browsers.
XTR-WiFi  is  an  integrated  module,  complaint  to  IEEE  802.11b/g,  supporting  WLAN  connection  for infrastuctured networks based on IPv4 TCP/IP protocol. A sample PC application.
It  can be  configured as a client, in  order  to  connect  to  a  remote  server,  or as server, listening for incoming connection. At startup module is in command mode and through a simple AT command set the customer  host can configure it and start the data  exchange entering  in data  mode.  Once  connection  is established,  serial data (UART  or  SPI) are  encapsulated  in  TCP/IP  packets  and  are  available  for  the remote  host  that can use  them  at  application  level, extracting  them from  TCP  packets in  a  transparent way. An escape sequence is provided to close data connection and return to command mode. A sample PC application has been developed in Visual Basic 2010 Express (.NET Framework 4.0) in order to provide a reference example for remote applications (client or server) to exchange data with XTR-WiFi. Whole project and source code are available for users and developers.
  • WiFi connectivity for home appliances
  • M2M communications for industrial monitoring and control
  • Patient monitoring and medical instrumentation
  • Home and building automation
  • Energy Control
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Wireless module XTR-WiFi at 2.4 GHz

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The product is currently Out-of-Stock. Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available.