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  • TIBBO DS100R (RS232)

     RS232 serial port
Ethernet 10Base T
power plug
Interior view of Serial Device Server DS100R
The heart of the device is the EM100 module

The DS100R realizes a "Serial Device Server"; that allows you to connect any device with RS232 output format to an Ethernet-based LAN.
Communication with the device can be done from any PC connected to the local network; in addition, if it has a connection to the Internet, the serial device can become accessible from any external computer.
This makes it possible to place the device where we please, connect it via RS232 to DS100R and connect the hub of the LAN, using cables as specified can be up to 100 meters long.
The DS100R is provided with a 10BaseT port to connect to LAN at a speed of 10Mbit / s and an RS232 port to connect to the device. It has a power jack for the power supply (which is 12 V DC system with current consumption of 150 mA) and some LEDs to indicate the status of the device or Ethernet connection.
It also comes with drivers for proper operation under Windows, and some management and scheduling software.

The applications in which can be used are basically of three types: the first is to connect a serial device without changing an already existing control software. The DS100R driver is in fact able to create virtual COM ports on the PC (VSPs-Virtual Serial Ports) that, from the point of view of the program and the user, they behave as standard hardware COM ports, but which actually transform data in TCP packets sent over the LAN which are then converted by DS100R in serial format.
Or you can easily create a new management software, through which communicate directly with the device, without using VSPs. The DS100R fact uses the protocols UDP / IP transmission and TCP / IP of which many programming languages ​​and compilers (eg Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0) already available plug-in management. For the same VB6, the Tibbo offers a manual that explains how to communicate with the DS100R.
Finally, using two DS100R, you can connect two serial devices using the Ethernet connection to create a "Virtual Serial Connection", ie a connection in the eyes of the devices is serial, but in reality it is based on Ethernet technology. For example, by connecting the first DS100R to the COM port of a PC and the second to the serial port of a device and connecting the two Ethernet interfaces via a direct RJ45 cable, you can simulate the eyes of a normal serial connection software, but in reality It leverages Ethernet technology and TCP protocols. In this case it is not even necessary to use the VSPs, but will be accessed directly from the hardware COM ports.
Still, if you have an ADSL connection, you can connect directly to the Ethernet port of DS100R; in this simple way the device becomes accessible from any Internet-connected PC.
The DS100R is also characterized by 3 different operating modes:
-a to achieve the SerialeEthernet conversion and vice versa (Normal Mode);
-one to program it via serial port (Serial Programming Mode);
-one used to perform the firmware upgrade (Firmware Download Mode).
The last two are special procedures that are not used for normal applications (for details are still available of clear and complete manual). The first is instead that more interesting, and that is usually used.
  • The complete technical documentation, hardware and software manuals as well as all the software needed to run the Tibbo modules can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer's site

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TIBBO DS100R (RS232)

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