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  • Card SmartEverything Fox
SmartEverything is a development board IoT (Internet of Things) based on an Arduino hardware, complete with side connectors to apply the existing Arduino shield, and with a rich set of sensors and wireless connectivity. It reduces design cycles and development time, giving the user the ability to quickly connect to control devices via the Internet. It is, in short, of a prototyping board that integrates various devices and that it can also host other both in the form of shield Arduino, both as breakout board to be grafted via the appropriate connectors owners edge. The card uses the cellular network connectivity solution to achieve global SIGFOX access IoT. Made in the form factor Arduino Zero, the card contains a module Telit SigFox and a GPS antenna embedded localization purposes.
Also uses the software Telit M2M device management to facilitate a fast and efficient connection of devices to the Cloud. SigFox, the Fox version, which is currently proposed, uses a radio technology narrowband UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) for connecting devices to a global network. The UNB UNB requires very little energy and the devices operating on the globally available ISM band, which does not require any license. Among the features of the card, proximity sensors, humidity, temperature and acceleration of STMicroelectronics.Acceleration limits can be selected for step of ± 2/4/8/16 g.La tab SmartEverything also includes a CPU USB "Host orchestrator chip" ?? Atmel based sull'ARM Cortex-M0 + that handles all traffic between devices. The crypto-based authentication chip Atmel enables you to implement a complete security algorithm SHA-256 hash with MAC (Message Authentication Code). This includes, finally, also an antenna Dynaflex 868 MHz and power management devices Linear Technology. E 'available (sold separately) interface for low-power TDK Bluetooth short-range connections, allowing it to be set up and controlled from a smartphone, plus a tag NXP NFC with I²C serial interface for authentication.

Warning! The board can be used without problems as a prototype board, but if you want to use connectivity Sigfox must sign a contract with Sigfox (
To whom is addressed the card SmartEverything

The board SmartEverything is facing two worlds: one is the industrial and professional that is inside of this card a number of technologies to a certain level and innovative with which to experiment; the second is that of the maker, say "evolved" who want to create applications in the IoT and with a good dose of sensors, because the maker of the world in recent years has changed the vision of those who produce electronic components and technologies, from a world of "geeks" one of the investigators increasingly interested in finalizing its commitment. oday there is a special attention from the industrial world to go to the maker of the world, because it is seen as a very rich market and then because today more and more the maker is the designer of tomorrow, so if you acquire a technology from the outset 'start, then if the door behind and is likely to use it again in the world of work.

Technical features
  • Microcontroller: ATMEL SAM D21 MCU 32-bit ARM® Ultra low-power ARM® Cortex®-M0+
  • Sigfox module: Telit LE51-868 S 868 MHz
  • GPS/GNSS vith integrated antenna: Telit Jupiter SE868-A, supports GPS, QZSS, GLONASS ready for Galileo.
  • NFC NTAG with Antenna: NXP NT3H1101FHK to share data between SAM D21 and smartphone
  • MEMS pressure sensor: ST LPS25H
  • Light, room and proximity sensor: ST VL6180X
  • iNEMO 9 axis inertial module: ST LSM9DS1 (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer)
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor : ST HTS221
  • Arduino compatibility: fully supported by the IDE Arduino
  • CryptoAuthentication Chip (ATMEL ATSHA204A): Atmel ATSHA204A, for exchanging and storing data securely
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (optional not included): TDK SESUB-PAN-T2541 module, based on TI CC2541
  • SWD connector:programming and debugging with SAM-ICE or ICE-ATMEL
  • Micro USB connector: to power, interface and program the card with the Arduino IDE
  • LED RGB: yes
  • Reset button: yes
  • User buttons: 2
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Dimensions (mm): 68,70x53,30x18
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Card SmartEverything Fox

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The product is currently Out-of-Stock. Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available.