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Transmitter card for Wireless Power.

Transmitter module coupled with a 7100-FT1236M receiver allows you to produce wireless energy transfer systems. The transmitter unit, based on the integrated P9038 of IDT, generates an alternating signal amplified and applied to an inductance (available separately), whose task is to radiate the electromagnetic field in the surrounding space. The card is able to detect the presence of a load, that is to say of a coil in the proximity of which is subtracted energy, to reduce power consumption during the phases in which it is not necessary to transfer energy. The transmitter is equipped with a strip 2.54 to 11 terminals where you can apply power through the Vin and GND terminal, with a voltage value of 4.5 to 6.9 VDC.

Dimensions: 31 x 44 mm

Note: The card is supplied assembled. The coil for Wireless Power Transmitter is not included and can be purchased separately

Block diagram of the integrated IDT P9038
The tecnique
The techniqueThe ability to transfer electricity through the electromagnetic waves was demonstrated for the first time in 1890 by Nikola Tesla, that perhaps did not imagine what would have been appreciated to the present day. The technique is easy, but to make this technology more efficient, less cumbersome, especially for higher power of those paltry available in the past, it is the real challenge, which becomes more difficult when you have to make economic and miniaturized solutions also introduce them to multiple devices small. IDT (Integrated Device Technology), California-based company a pioneer of this technology, has provided documentation and products to achieve miniaturized systems to be integrated in many fields of wireless charging of batteries.The standard Q
The standard QI

To ensure compatibility between transmitters and receivers, it was created the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) that created a standard (Qi) ad hoc; This consortium was created in 2008 and consists of Asian companies, European and American. The WPC defines the type of inductive coupling, understood as the configuration of the inductances and the communication protocol to be used; in this way each device that complies with the specifications of the WPC standard is able to operate with another standard product also of different brand, ensuring interoperability and above the power use when away from home. The inductances allow, in addition to the transfer of energy, to realize also the communication channel between the receiver and transmitter. The standard defines the systems capable of transferring non-contact energy, typically with power up to 5W and with distances up to 5mm; the adjustment of the output voltage is realized by a digital control that allows to use the communications exchanged between RX and TX to inform this' last entity of the power required by the load.

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Wireless Power Trasmitter FT1235M

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