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  • EM1001 Ethernet module Programmable

The EM1001 module is the evolution of the previous model called the EM1000, the main difference you may notice is the fact that the new EM1001 platform, than the previous model, is presented as a "self-sufficient" form, has in fact a power supply section can supply the voltages from 12 Vdc to 3.3 Vdc, an RJ45 connector for Ethernet connection 10/100BaseT, three status LEDs and a button. It supports Wi-Fi module GA-1000 (not included). The TIDE development environment allows you to easily create programs for a variety of Tibbo-based products such as access control terminals, data collection, vending terminals, industrial process controllers, home automation systems, etc.. Power: 8 to 20 Vdc (via plug), 3.3 Vdc (bypassing the controller); dimensions (mm): 75x36x17,5.

Technical specifications​
  • High performance 88 MHz processor T1000 IC
  • Ethernet 10 / 100BaseT auto-MDIX RJ45 connector
  • Prepared for interfacing with the Wi-Fi module GA1000, very useful for all applications that require a transfer of wireless data types
  • Four high-speed serial ports (CMOS-level):

             - Baud rate up to 921,600bps
             - Mode None / even / odd / mark / space parity
             - 7/8 bit / character mode;
             - Full-duplex mode with optional flow control
             - Half-duplex mode with direction control

  • Flash memory (1024kB) that can be divided between the firmware, application and data
  • 2kB EEPROM memory for storing any configuration data of its application
  • RTC (Real Time Clock): this is an integrated circuit with a clock function able to mark the passing of the hours and days. Obviously it must be powered even when the card is not; to overcome this problem you need to provide external power supply with a backup battery.
  • It supports external LCD and keyboard
  • programmable square wave output for external buzzer
  • Up to 54 lines configurable as input or output, of which 8 are set to interrupt
  • Three status LEDs
  • Two control lines for LED connected externally
  • Power: 8 to 20 Vdc (via plug), 3.3 Vdc (bypassing the controller)
  • Consumption: 250 mA @ 3.3V (100BaseT mode, on PLL)
  • Dimensions (mm): 75x36x17,5
  • The firmware can be updated via serial port or network
  • CE and FCC​


The development environment TIDE​
Another strong point of Tibbo home products, and in particular the EM1001 module, is the willingness on the part of the programmer with a complete suite for programming, an easy to understand language (Basic-like type), a sophisticated development environment included with debugging, and an extensive range of objects and libraries, all made available for free. At you can find the executable to install the whole package.
The centerpiece of the EM1001 module programming (as well as EM1000) is the TIDE, which stands for Tibbo Integrated Development Environment. The first impression you get of this IDE is the fact that it is lightweight, fast and pleasant to the eye; But this must not mislead as it is at the same time a powerful tool with integrated debugging without the need for external programmers.
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EM1001 Ethernet module Programmable

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