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Red Pitaya turns your smartphone, tablet or PC 
into many amazing instruments

Red Pitaya is an open source measurement and control tool replacing many expensive laboratory instruments at a surprising price tag.
This powerful exotic tool is at the heart of a revolutionary Red Pitaya Ecosystem, which facilitates discovering, experiencing, learning, developing and sharing a variety of applications. 

The Red Pitaya Ecosystem consists of: 
Red Pitaya, a high performance tool at a surprising price tag. 
Bazaar, a free of charge marketplace where open source applications are available within a single click for immediate experience and use. Initial set includes: 

  • oscilloscope 
  • spectrum analyzer 
  • arbitrary signal generator
  • frequency response analyzer
  • PID controller

which can all be accessed by any WEB browser from tablet or laptop computer; and it is growing! 

Backyard, an organized repository containing the corresponding open source code and tools necessary for developing applications. 

Spark Center, is a place to share and contribute new ideas, post sketches or proposals and together create inputs for new Red Pitaya applications and hardware extension modules. Don’t forget that every idea counts and there are no bad ideas while brainstorming. The only requirement we have is to post only things related to Red Pitaya.



RF input channels: 2
Bandwidth: 50 MHz (DC coupled, 3dB BW) 
Sample rate: 125 Msps
ADC resolution: 14 bits (LTC ADCs)
Input impedance: 1 MOhm // 10pF
Input channel gain: FIXED (improved dynamic range by means of 14 bit granularity )
Default full scale voltage: +-0.6 V (+-6 V with 10x probe attenuation). Full scale reconfigurable by means of discrete components replacement (+-15V). 
Overload protection: by means of protection diodes
Connector type: SMA (SMA to BNC adapters and probes available in “Diagnostic Red Pitaya Kit”)

RF output channels: 2
Bandwidth: 49 MHz at 3dB (DC coupled, 3dB BW defined by anti-imaging filter) 
Sample rate: 125 Msps 
DAC resolution: 14 bits 
Impedance: 50 Ohm 
Full scale power: 10 dBm (50 Ohm load) 
Output slew rate: 200 V/us 
Short circuit protection: YES 
Connector type: SMA (SMA to BNC adapters available in “Diagnostic Red Pitaya Kit”)

Additional analog input channels: 4
Sample rate: 100 ksps
ADC resolution: 12 bits
Bandwidth: 50 kHz
Connector type: IDC (insulation-displacement connector)

Additional analog output channels: 4
Type: Low pass filtered PWM
PWM modulation frequency: 250 MHz
Nominal sample rate: 100 ksps 
Equivalent PWM resolution: 11.3 bits
Connector type: IDC (insulation-displacement connector)


16 digital GPIOs with FPGA connectivity (or 8 differential) @ 3.3V logic
4 pairs of differential digital signals to be used for synchronization and serial data transfer purposes with daisy chain connection capability up to 500 Mbps. 
Connector type: 2x "SATA type" connectors
FPGA: Xilinx Zynq 7010 SoC (17,600 LUTs, 28k Logic Cells, 80 DSP slices )
(Depending on the success of the Kickstarter campaign we could upgrade it as a stretch goal.)

Other connectivity: 100 Mb Ethernet, USB, USB OTG (2.0), JTAG, I2C, UART, SPI...



  • OSCILLOSCOPE: 2 channels @ 125 MS/s 14 bit digital with external or signal based triggering capability
  • SPECTRUM ANALYZER: 2 channels with 60 MHz bandwidth signal with waterfall diagram capability
  • ARBITRARY WAVEFORM GENERATOR: 2 channels @ 125 MHz 14 bit arbitrary waveform generation with external triggering capability
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE ANALYZER: 2 channels with 60 MHz bandwidth
  • 2x2 MIMO PID programmable controller


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RedPitaya - The OpenSource Instrument

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