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  • Shield Irrighino

The shield Irrighino is an irrigation-based Arduino Yùn is interfaced to a relay card (max. 4) for the control of solenoid valves. It can handle a number of configurable outputs, a rain sensor and can be programmed via a web interface accessible from any PC or smartphone connected to your home network. Particularly suitable for watering automatically our plants and our gardens. Power: 8 to 15 Vdc.

Note: Arduino Yùn and the relay card are not included in the kit (see related products).

This project comes in kit. Some components have to be soldered to the included PCB.



Above, the wiring diagram of the shield with 4 relay board that we use to control up to four solenoid valves; the schema is valid regardless of the operating voltage of the solenoid valves, which can be from 12 to 220 VAC.


How do you use irrigation control in remote mode:

from a PC, open your Internet browser and in the address bar, type the Web address http: // <ip_arduino_ yun> / sd / irrighino; the resulting page can access the management screen of our control.

The interface is divided into three tabs: Runtime, from where you can manually control the outputs, Setup, from which you can program the activations on a weekly basis, and Events, where displays a list of events (activations, configuration changes ...) latest.

Each output can be set in three STATES: ON - The Output is activated; OFF - The Output is OFF or AUTO - The output follows the programming set. If the output is configured via the external panel, the controls information about the web interface will be disabled: The Panel has in fact priorities Maggiore.

The programming phase is very simple: Events are collected in a table whose columns are represented in the days of the week and the individual outputs (V1 ...). Each row represents an interval of 5 minutes: by clicking with the mouse
of a cell, you can define a event of activation.
Using the mouse, the event can be resized (to change the time) and moved even on another output. Clicking on an event, it is selected and around it appears a darker edge that highlights the selection.

You can select multiple events or clear again by clicking on them while pressing the Shift key.

Finally pressing the DEL key, you can delete all selected events.

Customization of Irrighino
Although the project that you can download from Github is configured to work out of the box along with the shield that we have realized, Irrighino is designed to be easily customizable so it can be adapted to every need ..

Opening the include.php file, located inside the php folder, you can change the number of outputs, their name and the color assigned, as shown in the following figure. You can also change the behavior in case of rain (immediate stop of the scheduling period and / or no further activation) or disable it entirely if it is not built into your system.

Even the connections between Arduino and external devices can be configured by editing the sketch.

All the mapping between the devices and the pins which are connected has been defined in a special file called config.h. You can then edit the pins which are connected relays, switches, LEDs, and a rain sensor simply stating, always in config.h, the desired Arduino pin.

Remember, if applichiate to Arduino shield other than that of Irrighino, always check before assigning I / O in config.h that are not already used by the respective applications. Always make sure that the number of outputs configured in the web interface to match the number of outputs (OUT_x) defined in the sketch, and also remember to update the main sketch.

Finally, if you plan to install an external control panel, you can inhibit the functions associated to manual control by making false constant USE_SWITCHES.
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Shield Irrighino

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