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The Tactigon is a small board (46.9x15.2x5.5 mm) governed by a 32bit ST microcontroller, equipped with BLE transceiver, temperature and pressure sensors, 9-axis IMU, LED RGB, charge controller for Li battery -ion with which it is powered, GROVE standard connector with UART and 5 GPIO.

Thanks to this board it is possible to realize a controller able to detect three-dimensional gestures and environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity, which is well suited to develop user interfaces for electronic games, management of industrial and service robots, machinery, drones and advanced model radios. The board is ideal in general for the capture of movements and also for augmented reality.

The microcontroller STM32 used combines the low consumption required for wearable and IoT devices with a high computing power and memory: 32bit architecture, 32MHz, accompanied by 16 kb of EEPROM, 512 kb of program memory and a good 80 kb of RAM. For the sensors we have the MEMS absolute pressure sensor and LPS25HB temperature, which offers a range of 260 ÷ 1260 hPa with 0.01hPa of resolution and is able to detect a temperature ranging from -30 ° C to + 105 ° C. The LSM6DS3 sensor takes care of the 3 axes of the accelerometer and gyroscope: it offers scales ± 2 / ± 4 / ± 8 / ± 16 g in acceleration and ± 125 / ± 250 / ± 500 / ± 1000 / ± 2000 dps in angular speed. There is also a 3-axis magnetometer (LIS3MDL) which increases the accuracy of the accelerometer and the gyroscope. The range of this sensor is ± 4 / ± 8 / ± 12 / ± 16 gauss.

The Bluetooth Low Energy chip with integrated antenna in the PCB, configurable in Central and Peripheral mode, ensures connections with smartphones, tablets and PC, or with BLE devices such as sensors, actuators, rovers, drones that expose their Bluetooth service.

The micro USB port is mainly used for programming and serial debugging from IDE Arduino, but also to recharge the connected lithium battery. Consumption is also reduced thanks to the USB interface built into the microcontroller, which makes it unnecessary to have an additional USB / UART converter. The GROVE connector exposes a dedicated UART line as well as the power supply of the connected device.

The card can be programmed using the latest versions of the Arduino IDE (from 1.6.4, which allows the importation of third-party cards and hardware), and libraries are provided (from the manufacturer) for the use of the BLE (Central and peripheral mode), RGB LED, IMU and other integrated sensors. The supplied IMU library is able to return the quaternions that are the result of a calculation made on the accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer values.

The package includes the 155mAh Li-pol battery.

Technical specifications
  • Data memory: 16 Kb EEPROM + 80 Kb RAM
  • Code memory: 512Kb Flash
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium ion
  • IMU: 3-axis accelerometer - 3-axis gyroscope - 3-axis magnetometer
  • Sensors: Temperature - Pressure
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy - Micro USB
  • Expansion cards (GROVE): SIGFOX (under development) - LoRa (third part) - GPS (third part)
  • Compatibility: GROVE sensors
  • Dimensions (mm): 46.9x15.2x5.5
  • Programming language: Arduino
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TACTIGONBASIC - BLUETOOTH On board environmental sensors

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