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It consisting of an electronic board (in kit to be welded) and a programmable electronic coin mechanism. Provides timed access to paid services such as games, showers, hairdryers and dispensers of various kinds, thanks to a coin counter and a display interface. The electronic card is managed by a microchip PIC18F46K20 Microchip specially programmed and is equipped with LCD display 8 characters on two lines, 3 buttons, a 4-way dip-switch and a configuration jumper. Moreover, the card reads the status of the open-collector outputs with which the coin mechanism is fitted and consequently acts on the status of the two on-board relays; basically it is an interface between user and coin mechanism.


The Coin Mechanism

The Coin Mechanism is the key element because it counts the money and provides, through the two interfaces at its disposal, data on the coins introduced. In order to be properly used, the coin mechanism must be instructed so that it correctly recognizes the coins; for this purpose, on the left side has two buttons and a small 7-segment display that will allow us to program the coins to our liking. At the top has a dip-switch to decide how to use it: in our case we will have to set dip 1 to ON and the remaining to OFF. The first thing to do is set the parallel communication mode, since the validator comes out of factory set in serial mode (the procedure is explained in these pages).



In parallel mode, each of the six outputs (one for each memorized group) will produce a programmable duration pulse, so you have to set the desired duration, which in our case is 100 ms. Once this has been done, the coin mechanism must be programmed to recognize the coins: keeping the "A" button pressed until the word "CP" appears, press the "A" button once and we will see "C1" appear. coin, which is 5 cents); the same procedure will be repeated for all other currencies, ie Group C2: € 0.10, Group C3: € 0.20, Group C4: € 0.50, Group C5: € 1.00 and Group C6: € 2, 00.
Once programmed, the coin mechanism will be connected to the control board with the flat-cable which shows the signals of the parallel interface.

The User Interface

The 4-way dipswitch allows you to set: Coin accumulation, Activate end-of-credit alert, Anti-blackout function.

  • Coin accumulation: if activated, this function allows you to insert more coins in order to increase the timer, while if disabled, once inserted a coin you will have to wait until the end of the set time to insert a new one; otherwise what will be introduced will be ejected from the validator and will not produce any impulse from the open-collector outputs.
  • Buzzer function: when active it allows you to receive an acoustic warning below the time set by the menu in order to warn the user of the expiry of the service within a short time. The warning will be intermittent for one second and the "O1S" output will be used, to which any type of warning compatible with the characteristics of the relay output supplied can be connected.
  • Anti Black-Out function: if enabled, to save the time countdown in memory, in this way if the current were to go off, the user will not lose the credit as it will be able to use it immediately upon return of the mains voltage.

The JPR jumper is used to choose the operating mode; closed, enables the programming mode, while open it activates normal use.

In the event that the jumper is closed, by pressing the P1 key you can access the time configuration, which even if not essential, could be convenient on some systems. If, on the other hand, always with the jumper closed, you will press the P3 key, you can configure the activation time of the alarm and all
the timers of each group. The first configuration to be made will be that of the time of the horn (between 10 seconds and 50 seconds). To change the value press P1 or P2 so as to decrease or increase what is shown, instead pressing P3 will confirm what has been set and will go to the next configuration, ie the timer for group 1. Each timer provides in order, the configuration of hours , minutes and seconds. You switch from one to the other confirming the setting, thus confirming the hours, you will go to minutes and then seconds. Once the 6 timer settings have been completed, everything is ready for use.
On the control board there are also other connectors and jumpers that can be useful. For example, the JPO1 jumper rather than JPO1S allows to directly bring the 12V (socket before the power protection diode) on the "C" contact of the relay, so in this case the load if working at 12V can be
connected directly between the supply ground and the "NO." contact where the energized relay 12V is to be found. The JOUTV jumper is always connected to the CNOUT connector, which allows to carry 5V or 12V on the pin + V of CNOUT.

Having made the necessary configurations, the JPR jumper can be opened in order to prevent the user from accidentally accessing the settings.

Electronic card technical features    
  • Power supply: 12 Vdc / 700 mA
  • Features Output (load and warning): 12A / 28Vdc-125 Vac, 7A / 250Vac
  • Microcontroller: PIC18F46K20 Microchip
  • Buffer battery for RTC: Yes
  • Output relay: 2 (RL1 and RL2) - allow activation of the service associated with the amount introduced into the coin mechanism.
    -RL1 provides an acoustic or  other warning  near the available time
    -RL2 will pulse at the rate of 1s / 1s towards the end of the available period, marking its expiration, starting from the time you set.
  • Functions: Anti BlackOut, Pause, Credit Accumulation, Count-Down Display, Horn Output,
  • Activation Time Exit: 00:00:00 - 23:59:59
  • Acoustic Signal Time: 10s - 50s
The container for the kit


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