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This board allows for heating and, possibly, electrically conductive materials and, above all, ferromagnetic materials, by using a Zero Voltage Switching (Zero Voltage Switching) circuit of rated power of 1,000 W, which can go up to 1,500 under certain conditions. In addition to heating and possibly fusing metals, the circuit may find other possible interesting applications, such as energy transmission in the ether with the use of coiled and tuned reels at wireless power and The trigger circuits for Tesla coils.


The circuit must be powered with a continuous voltage of between 10 and 48 V and with sufficient power; If you apply the maximum rated voltage of 48 Vdc, we recommend a power supply with a power of not less than 1,500 W.
Insert the positive and negative wires of the power supply into the terminal by checking the polarity of the voltage and tighten the screws.

Feed the circuit between terminals + and - and verify that the green LED LD1 lights up to indicate the presence of the input voltage. At this point within the work-coil circulates the resonance current to about 100 kHz. If powered with the maximum voltage (48 Vdc) and without introducing metallic bodies inside the work-coil, the power absorption is less than 500 W; Instead, by introducing a conductor, depending on the material from which it is composed, of the size, geometry and position taken, the absorbed power can vary a great deal up to a maximum of 1,500 W.

Choosing the conductive body to be inserted into the work coil, such as a metal screw, hold it and hold it in place with a clamp (which should not be too close to the turns) to avoid burning.

Slowly insert the conductor inside the work-coil, trying not to touch it with the winding walls. Keep the conductor upright in the work-coil. The introduced conductor constitutes the secondary of the transformer which has as primary coil winding the coil and lies inside a solenoid, the conductive material is invested by the magnetic field lines more intensively than positions outside the solenoid.

In a short time the material inserted due to the Joule effect warms up and changes color assuming the shades of orange-yellow incandescence.

This condition can be maintained for a few dozen seconds, but you have to consider that the temperature rises a lot, so you need to pay close attention to not getting in direct contact with the conductor or work-coil or heatsink to avoid burns. Let's note that after a few minutes of use of the ZVS Induction Heater, the work-coil winding will tend to darken until it becomes almost black for the heat generated, but that will not preclude its operation.

Precautions in use

The device offers interesting experiences and useful features but should be used with caution.

  • Ensure there are no flammable substances nearby because the system develops strong heat on its elements and conductors introduced into the work-coil.
  • Make sure there are no electronic devices, such as electromedicals, nearby. ZVS Induction Heater produces a high magnetic field of about 10mT at a frequency of 100 kHz which could disturb electronic devices.
  • Always use clamps with an isolated handle to handle the conductors inserted inside the work-coil to avoid burns. • Do not touch the ZVS Induction Heater components and the conductors introduced into the work-coil after or during operation to avoid burns.
Technical specifications
  • Power supply: 10 to 48 Vdc
  • Consumption: about 20 A
  • Dimensions (mm): 
    - board: 101x101x10
    - coil (work-coil): 45,2x26

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Induction heater 1000 watts

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