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Arduino Primo is specifically designed to prototype IoT applications, wearable electronics, connected sensor and home automation. The main processor is an AR Cortex M4F 32-bit 64 MHz clock operating system, with 64 kb of RAM and 512 kB flash memory. Next to the main processor, if there is one 32-bit service: it is a STM32F103R8T6, produced by ST Microelectronics, whose main function is to do a USB / UART interface for external communication; Other features include CMSIS-DAP, GPIO expander, power management, IrDA (infrared) interface, consisting of a transmitting LED and an amplified IR receiver.

Arduino Primo has Bluetooth Smart (a BLE version 4.2); Wi-Fi; NFC on-board functionality; IR Optical Interface; A battery charger block (with which to charge an accumulator to operate the board autonomously); A buzzer; Headers for external connections and interfacing to sensors of various types (which are compatible with Arduino UNO Rev. 3); Three buttons, one of which is the classic reset and two are reserved for user applications. A button (ESP button) also allows you to enter the ESP2866 into bootloader mode, where you need to upgrade the firmware.

On the bottom side of the board there are pads to form two bridges (they are enclosed by the silk screen containing the battery symbol) or solder bridge to be welded to adjust the battery charging speed that can power the board. Since Arduino Primo is powered by 5 volts, there are voltage regulators on board to provide the 3.3V powered by Nordic Semiconductor SoCs and the STM32 microcontroller, as well as other components that do not accept 5 was.




The Software

Although the primary processor of the Primo is very powerful compared to the Arduino we used to be, the simplicity of programming has been maintained that made the Arduino project a success; In fact IDE is always the same (in its latest versions, it means) and the sketches are still running.

The new Arduino Primo can then be programmed via the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (more familiarly, the IDE ...) provided that the IDE 1.8.x version is installed on the computer, since the previous ones may be difficult to import Third-party drivers. In fact, Arduino Primo is available among third parties by downloading and installing the driver from the Card Manager (called Arduino NRF52).

But it's not all here: Arduino Primo can also be programmed with the most powerful and sophisticated tools of the IDE if this is required by the complexity of the final application. For this purpose, Nordic Semiconductor makes available the specific SDK nRF5 for the IoT, which enables the most experienced developers to develop Low Energy Bluetooth applications on SoC nRF52832, enabling Arduino Primo to communicate with other objects (such as sensors equipped with Wireless connectivity) connected to the Internet without requiring the resources of a Wi-Fi router or smartphone. This card can then interact with other "smart objects" even without having a direct connection to the network.

SoC Nordic Semiconductor also delivers a TCP / IP client and server via WiFi, which offers even greater versatility; Functionality that can be fully exploited using the SDK. The card continues to be programmable via serial or USB port, but as mentioned, OTA mode is available for updating the main microcontroller program from the Bluetooth link that the card has.
The board integrates the TCP / IP stack, supporting the Ipv6 protocol, required by the strong ups and downs of peripherals facing the Internet, especially with the advent of iTT; Considering that recent estimates placing devices connected to the network will go from 15 million today to 200 billion in 2020. In addition, in order to connect to a large number of Low Energy Bluetooth sensors, Arduino Primo can run from a complete Internet TCP / IP client And WiFi servers.

Technical specifications
  • Supply voltage: 5 V
  • Absorption: Typical 94 mA
  • Core Core: SoC Nordic nRF52 832 ARM Cortex M4 32 bit with FPU, 64 MHz clock
  • Flash Memory 512 KB
  • SRAM 64KB
  • I / O current of 15 mA
  • Digital I / O Pin: 20 with 12 PWM
  • Analog Input Pin: 6
  • Interfaces: 1 I²C, 1 I²S, 1 SPI, 1 UART
  • Bluetooth Smart (BLE 4.0) with TX power up to + 4dBm and RX -96dBm in BLE
  • NFC-A Listen Mode Operation, 13.56 MHz, 106 kbps bit-rate and wake-on-field low power field detection (SENSE) mode.
  • WiFi Manager
    - Processor: ESP8266
    - Tensile Xtensa LX106 32 bit architecture
    - Flash Memory 4 MB
    - Clock 80 MHz
    - WiFi 802.11 b/g/n 2,4 GHz, support WPA/WPA2
    - Wake up time< 2 ms
  • Service Microcontroller: STM32F103R8T6
  • Main function: USB / UART interface
  • Other features: CMSIS-DAP, GPIO expander, power management, IrDA
  • Dimensions (mm): 68.5x53x10.4
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The product is currently Out-of-Stock. Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available.