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The system that we use to depose the melted chocolate consists on heating the body of the syringe and the needle even more, through a special electric heater resistance. The needle is inserted into a perforated cylinder that let it pass through and hosts the coupling. The whole system is able to bring chocolate to the required temperature and keeps it stable. In this way, the chocolate close to the needle tip melts and can leak. For this to happen, you have to push the piston of the syringe by applying a regular and continuous pressure: here comes the activation of the feeder, which consists of an endless screw that pushes down the piston itself.


The set includes: a 60 ml syringe for medical use with central attack "Luer Lock" with a needle of 1.2 mm; a cylindrical aluminum body; cover needle; an aluminum guide; an aluminum plate 4 mm; an angle bracket for mounting in aluminum extruder in the arm of the printer 3Drag; a threaded rod; 2 ball bearings; supports for fixing made ​​of Delrin; a heating element and a NTC thermistor axial 100 Kohm.

Attention! The motor is not included; you can use one of this series on the extruder printer. On the cylinder port-syringe can wrap a heating cartridge additional (optional) type "flat" with a supply voltage of 5 Vdc which allows a uniform heating of the syringe.

This is a machine for experimental purpose.


Cooling system


The printing of objects with small dimensions requires the cooling of the chocolate to quickly lower the temperature of the last layers, thus avoiding the collapse of the structure.
In this case we recommend the cooling system.
Here you can download the STL file for plastic parts.


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Extrude for chocolate

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