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  • 3DRAG - 3D Printer dual extruder - KIT


3D printer with dual extruders, heated plate, capable of printing of objects of maximum size 170 x 200 x 200 mm using ABS or PLA 1.75 mm filaments.
Extremely fast and precise even at high speed.
Compatible with all the software and the RepRap Firmware available for free, allows you to create plastic objects of any shape.
Made by aluminum profiles designed to lock-in mounting.
Designed and engineered to give lightness and rigidity for vibration suppression and unwanted resonances.
The printer uses the X/Y system to move the plate and Z to move the extruders.
This particular configuration allows to simplify the extrusion system that is simply attached to the structure that moves on the axis Z.
The measures have been studied to make the printer compact and a low center of gravity, aligned with the two belts.
The support for the printing plate is designed to accommodate a plate heated from epoxy glass that promotes a good adhesion of the print material (PLA / ABS) reducing the risk of detachment of the objects.
To control the 3Drag 3D printer you need a computer (Mac, Win and Linux) and an internet connection to follow the manual installation instructions.  
The package includes all the mechanical parts, small parts, the control board, the engines, the power supply, the heated plate and 5 meters of PLA.

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Technical features


Aluminum square section of 27.5 mm 
Sliding sleeves with recycling of spheres on ground bars 8 and 10 mm
Cart X / Y:
Main floor 3 mm perforated aluminum suitable for mass reduction;
Upper floors aluminum 2 mm suitably perforated to reduce the mass
Fasteners: made of molded plastic support and fitting
Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) for PLA, ABS and Nylon
hot extruder with 0.35 mm nozzle and NTC glass 100K and steppers, with fan controlled manually
Handling: X / Y axes (printing plate), Z (extruder arm) and extruder, 5 NEMA 17 stepper motors
Controller: 3DCONT-DRV-DUAL or compatible
USB 2.0 to Serial FTDI compatible Arduino
Printing plate heated (mm): 205x205
Maximum rated temperature of the plate: 55 ° C
Dimensions for printing: 17 x 20 x 20 cm
Typical print speed: 120 mm / sec
Maximum print speed: 150 - 300 mm / s (depending on the object to be printed)
Nominal resolution:
- X and Y: 0.015 mm
- Z: 0.39 micron
Overall height:
- Width 50 cm
- Depth: 42 cm
- Height: 62 cm
- Weight: 10 kg
including power supply


Print sample extruder with 0.35 mm and 0.5 mm



Documentation and useful links

Firmware for dual extruder and alphanumeric display.
Firmware for dual extruder graphic display
The proposed version uses the engine driver 1/32 of steps for the two extruders engines. If you want to use the original driver of 3DRAG (1/16 step), you will need to lower the number of steps per mm extruder, passing from 150 to 75.

Consumables (PLA/10/175mm) 


  • By connecting the USB cable and / or from network adapter, no LED lights up.
  • Verify that the power supply is delivering 15V and that this is properly connected to the 220Vac mains socket and the communication cable is connected to the USB port.
  • Connected the printer and connecting to the PC, while choosing the right COM port, the software does not communicate with the board.
  • Check that you have entered the jumper supplied with the printer, on JPROG connector. Also make sure of the configuration parameters of the serial port within the software, the baud rate is set to "250.000bps" and the Protocol on "Autodetect".
  • By placing the Home of Z axis, when the respective adjustment screw extruder is raised, the axis is positioned at the exact point; if you make the home when the screw closes the switch of the limit switch, the axis Z does not fit properly.
  • The findings is correct, we recommend that you lift a few millimeters the Z axis before proceeding with the Home.
  • As soon as you connect the printer or during printing shows "Error message: Printer stopped to two errors. Fix the error and use M999 to restart. "
  • Probably due to a bad contact or other reason, the temperature sensor has reached a temperature outside maximum / minimum scale. It is advisable to verify that the card side terminal is good contact on the corresponding plug pin. Verify if necessary, following the wiring of the sensor, that the two wires relating to it, are not shorted at some point.
  • During printing, there is a loss of step sul'asse X and / or Y.
  • In the Slic3r parameters set as "Travel Speed" a value less than 100, you may want to set 80. If this solution is not effective, reducing the Vref on the engine driver to 0.40V and if necessary to cool with a small heatsink or fan the driver.
  • Trying to manually move the axis X and / or Y relative to the Home, the dish is a short drive in the opposite direction.
  • Check that the relevant limit switch is properly connected, or the wires are connected either card side, which switch side, using the two external terminals, thus leaving the center free.
  • It fails to feed the filament, as if there was an obstruction
  • During assembly it was placed on the ingranggio motor hub to a correct position, verify that this position has been followed.



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3DRAG - 3D Printer dual extruder - KIT

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