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Based on three linear regulators (LM2940IMP-9.0 / NOBP, LD1117S50CTR and LD1117S33CTR), this useful breakout board allows, starting from a DC voltage at the input of 12A · 15 V, to obtain at the output three DC voltages of 3.3 volts and stabilized , 5 volt and 9 volt. The voltage of 3.3V is used as the power supply of the logic of the most modern and recent microcontrollers, while the 5 V are required by the logic TTL / CMOS traditional. The 9 volts can be used to feed audio devices, as well as CMOS logic, small relays etc. The circuit is fed typically 12 V and the current consumption is always equal to the sum of that provided by the three outputs, so if you deliver on 3.3V 30 mA, 50 mA on the 5V and the 9 volt 100 mA, the overall absorption is 30 + 50 + 100 mA = 180 mA. The input power source is cleared by the capacitors C1 and C2, the possible residue of alternating (useful thing if we take power from a power supply to simple capacitive filter) and impulse noise that wires can result in circuit. All three voltage stabilizers are of the type with three terminals (one input, one output and a reference to ground) and operate with virtually no external components; we connected the input and output filter capacitors to make them more stable and to filter out possible interference.
The Breakout board
The breakout board are prototyping boards that contain the affected component already welded, whose connections are brought outside whisker of connections that can be used easily by step and termination; generally connections are pitches to 2.54 mm, such as those of the classic integrated DIP. To help those who would like to use SMD components but does not have the means or the skills to weld, they identified a number of integrated (including sensors, switching power supplies, chargers, linear amplifiers etc.), And mounted on bases ready for use. These breakout board are both a help for those who want to have ready in a "traditional" format ?? the best SMD electronics, and for those who-while managing to work with components SMD- need to have these items available on prototyping boards to apply to existing circuits and do tests, or to build prototypes that integrate the functions of its integrated, before making the final printed circuit of an apparatus.


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Power Module 3.3 / 5/9 Vdc - mounted

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The product is currently Out-of-Stock. Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available.