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Breakout board based on the pressure transducer produced by Freescale and signed MPXH6115A6U (SSOP houses). It provides an analog output signal, whereby it can be used to directly drive small instruments lancet and obtain an immediate indication of the pressure that is being measured, for example in a tube where it passes the air or in a container. The MPX6115A6U is a sensor integrated on a single chip which includes the pressure transducer, an operational amplifier of bipolar technology and a network of thin film resistors which allows to provide an appreciable level signal and the error compensation introduced by variations temperature; in practice the pressure transducer element accompanied by the necessary circuitry to signal conditioning. The transducer inside the component is piezoresistive. The set provides a precision of the order of 1.5% in an operating temperature range between 0 and 85 ° C, the temperature compensation between -40 and +125 ° C, and an analog output signal rather linear, in a measure of the pressure field ranging between 15 and 115 kPa, that in bar means can measure between 0,15 and 1,15 bar (between 0.1529 and 1.1726 kg / cm²).
The output voltage provided varies linearly with quite a climb rate of 45 mV / kPa; the output presents a worthwhile excursion (with power supply of 5 volts and an operating temperature range between 0 and 85 ° C) of 4.5 V, with an offset of 0.2 V to the minimum measurable pressure and a maximum of 4.7 V at 115 kPa. The maximum tolerable pressure from the transducer (after which the device can be compromised) is 400 kPa (4 bar). The response time to changes in temperature is of the order of millisecond, while the startup time (reliability indication provided at the output after power up) is typically 20 ms. The uses range from dell'MPX6115A6U barometric altimeters to detectors for model airplanes and real planes, the pressure gauges for pneumatic circuits of various kinds. The connections of the humidity sensor are essentially three: the two power pins (Vcc and GND) and OUT, available via a 3-wire cable with 1.25mm pitch JST connector. Dimensions (mm): 22x22.

Breakout board
The breakout board is prototyping boards that contain the affected component already welded, whose connections are brought outside the whiskers easily used connections by step and termination; generally the links are pitches to 2.54 mm, such as the classic integrated DIP. To facilitate those who want to use SMD components but does not have the means or the qualities to weld, they identified a number of integrated (comprising sensors, switching power supplies, chargers, linear amplifiers, etc.), And mounted on bases ready to use. These breakout board is both an aid for those who want to have ready in a format "traditional" the best SMD electronics, both for who-while managing to work with SMD- components need to have these components available on the prototyping boards to apply existing circuits and do tests, or to build prototypes that integrate integrated its functions, before making the final circuit of equipment.
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Pressure sensor MPXH6115A6U - mounted

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The product is currently Out-of-Stock. Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available.