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This shield, combined with the mainsail sheet allows you to create an infrared universal remote also manageable from the Internet. Simulates the remote control TVs, home appliances and air conditioners, by transmitting the same data to the desired, but is fully programmable and can be managed remotely, being "visible on the network" as a Web Server that exposes its pages connect to impart the commands. One of the many uses is to control the domestic air-conditioner: who are away from home can connect via the Internet to turn it on and give it time to bring the temperature to the desired level before returning. But also staying in the house, there may be a need to control a device, such as TV or stereo, from different rooms without having to move. Finally, boldness can be used as a simple replacement of the remote control, in case the latter went out of use or necessary to overcome the limits of coverage.
Note: Randa is not included.

This project comes in  kit . Some components have to be soldered to the included PCB.

The operation ...

The operation at the base of the shield Ardir is that of a normal remote control "universal": initially requires a learning phase for storing the codes of the remote controls and afterwards, when required, these codes are transmitted to the device to be managed. The plus is that you do not daring pilot with a physical keyboard, but with the "virtual" presented in HTML / JS page exposed by its Web server with HTTP protocol, so visible connecting from smartphones or PC using a browser.

At a practical level, the principle of hardware system could simply be composed of Arduino connected to a shield Login with receiver (for the learning phase) and in the infrared LED issuers. To add connectivity to the network, however, Arduino is not enough: our choice is therefore relapse using the mainsail board, which adds to the simplicity of the Arduino computing power and the amount of memory offered by Raspberry Pi, which are necessary here to manage the Web Server functionality. Than using the Raspberry Pi and Arduino as a "separate" tabs, Randa adds several advantages:

  • The installation of the Raspberry Pi software includes libraries for communication with Arduino to facilitate integration between the two systems; for example, can be transmitted directly to the Arduino Raspberry Pi Linux commands and write / read files.
  • The Arduino can be programmed by Raspberry Pi, which included software also includes the IDE; but it is also available for a PC IDE "modified" able to connect to the Arduino remotely, at the time when the Raspberry Pi is connected to a network.
  • Is already included in the software package, configured and running, the web server supplied with different applications and sample web pages used as a basis for developing your applications.
  • It has added a real-time clock (RTC) complete with battery, useful if you want -for example- to program the activations of Time-based devices.
  • From the hardware point of view, the overall system is more compact: can be powered from a single source and there are no "flying" wiring of connection between a tab and the other.

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ArdIR Shield - To assemble

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The product is currently Out-of-Stock. Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available.