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WiFi-lamp is a lamp RGB G25 based board Arietta controllable devices connected via WiFi. It is equipped with a wireless interface that mounts a power RGB LEDs, has, in addition, also a terminal block that allows, alternatively, to command RGB stripes, thereby allowing us to illuminate local integers. For use as a single lamp, the Wi-lamp circuit can be inserted in a commercial lamp, as un'abatjour, or in a casing of desired shape, printed, for example, with a 3D printer. Once it is mounted and configured, Wi-Lamp will always be connected to our WiFi network and can be controlled via tablet or smartphone, or in general from any device with a browser and connected to its own network.

Typing on the browser address bar http: // wi-lamp, or the IP supplied during installation, you will access a web control interface that allows you to set the lamp operation mode with one of the 10 available: OFF, Self, Fade, Party, Sunset, Sunrise, Temperature, Fire, Settings and Auto.

Wi-Lamp is sold in kit form and includes the Arietta G25, the WiFi module, the power LED 3W and the complete operating system micro SD.

This project comes in kit. The components have to be soldered to the included PCB.

Operating modes can be set by the interface WEB
  • OFF = the lamp is turned off, even if the Arietta board is kept on, waiting for commands;
  • Self = by scrolling the finger on the colour picker we may select the desired colour and intensity;
  • Fade = the lamp will fade from a colour to another, as in an infinite cycle; by acting on the horizontal bar (slider) we may control its speed;
  • Party = the lamp will flash with random colours, at a speed that can be set by means of the horizontal bar;
  • Sunset = a useful mode, in the case we wanted to go to sleep without having to remember to turn off the lights; we may select the duration of the “sunset” (from 1 and up to 20 minutes) by means of the slider, and to make it start by pressing the “Sunset Start” button (the lamp will be turned on immediately with a white colour, and will fade following all the colours of the sunset, until it is completely turned off);
  • Sunrise = this mode is similar to the Sunset one, but it has colours that are more suitable for the morning; by acting on the slider it is possible to select the dawn duration (from 1 and up to 20 minutes), while the “Starting Time” field is needed in order to select the starting time; once the set hour has been reached, the lamp (from being turned off) will start to gradually turn on, by showing all the dawn colours, and until a full (white coloured) light has been reached;
  • Temperature = thanks to the DS18b20 sensor on the board, we may learn the room’s temperature, and colour the lamp with a hue going from blue (the minimum temperature set) to red (the maximum temperature set); as an example, by setting the minimal temperature to 10°C and the maximum one to 30°C, if the the detected temperature was around 10°C (or less), the lamp would be completely coloured in blue;
  • Fire = the lamp will simulate the flame in a fireplace;
  • Settings = in this section it is possible to change the modes that are recalled when pressing the two buttons that are on the lamp’s PCB; moreover it is possible to completely turn off the lamp (Arietta included) by pressing the “Shutdown Lamp” button;
  • Auto = by means of this mode, it is possible to program the lamp, so that it (or all of them) will be started on a certain day of the week, at a certain time, for the desired duration and time; after having set all the parameters, you need to press the “Create” button in order to save the planning and, in order to delete the planning, you need on the other hand to press the red round icon with an X.

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WiFi-Lamp RGB

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